Welcome to AACORN!

Our participants, featured here with our sign, wish to welcome you to AACORN. We can’t wait to have you visit!

Learning New Skills

Each day, our participants and staff work together on a variety of farm chores and projects as we develop essential skills such as focus and teamwork. Our emphasis is on process rather than product. 

Soap n’ Salad Shed

Stop by our roadside stand in warm weather to find seasonal produce, eggs, goat milk soap, and jar mixes, all grown or produced at AACORN.

Build community

We spend time together participating in activities such as a daily walk as well as outings outside the farm. We love being part of our larger Kalamazoo community!

COVID Precautions

We emphasize safety and good hygiene practices at AACORN. Participants can wear a mask if they choose however are not required as of the lifting of the state restrictions and mask mandates.

Visit Our Petting Zoo!

Our four dwarf Nigerian goats, baby Nubian goats, and mini pigs would love to meet you! Make an appointment to bring your family group! Check out our Facebook page for more information.


Come be part of our inclusive, encouraging, and welcoming community. We love making new friends and connections here at AACORN!

Building Community

Interacting with animals brings joy

Expanding Options