Volunteers are integral to our organization

You can contribute in many ways:

• Share expertise in gardening, animal care, arts and crafts, and recreational activities by working with individuals in our skill-building program.

• Work in various areas on the farm such as gardening, building improvements, fence mending, animal care (not specifically with the participants). 

• Pair with a person to support a special interest, hobby, or recreation.

• Mentor an individual with autism to expand his or her social skills and network of friends.

• Help with a designated event, like our annual Gala fundraiser.


Get Involved

There are countless ways to get involved with our organization. If you’re the type that likes to see the fruits of your labor, check out our volunteer opportunities, either working with staff and participants or performing various tasks on the farm. We also appreciate those who may not have the time but have the wherewithal to make a difference financially. See the Donate page for more ways to contribute.