Jeannie Cleaning is a local cleaning company that likes to do good things and give back to the
community. In August they had a contest that gave local nonprofits a chance to win money using social
media to get people to vote for each organization based on a short video. Aacorn won second place and
$1000! We thank Jeannie Cleaning for their generosity.

Athens and Erin pose with their dog, Moose on the farm.

Meet the new farm caretaker and family!

Meet the Loves! Four days after returning from their honeymoon this past June, newlyweds Athens (they/them) and Erin (she/her) packed up their house in the Vine neighborhood and moved to AACORN with their dog, Moose. Since moving, the three of them have settled into the quieter sounds of country life. Athens works as the Sr. Philanthropy Officer for a non-profit organization; The Cornucopia Institute. They have a passion for relationship building and meeting new people. Erin discovered her passion for farm life after living at Lake Village Homestead for three years. This is where she first learned of AACORN and is proud to be a part of this community. Moose has also been enjoying his time here making regular appearances on the walks with participants and giving kisses to anyone who lets him. In the future, Athens and Erin would like to combine their love for community and nature by starting their own non-profit farm to provide temporary housing and safe space for women and people of the LGBTQIA+ community. 


AACORN was given Conservation Farm of the Year award from the Kalamazoo Conservation District yesterday in recognition of our efforts to manage soil and water conservation. We are honored to receive this award and grateful for the support that the Kalamazoo Conservation District has provided in our ongoing efforts to take care of our little slice of heaven.

We want to say a very special thank you to Emily Birtles and the rest of the Matt Mulder Real Estate team. They selected AACORN to receive a generous $500 donation this quarter. We invited them out to the farm to say a heartfelt thank you, hold some baby goats, and take some pictures! Thank you again – we so appreciate having great community support from fantastic organizations like the Matt Mulder Real Estate Team.